Design & Development Packages

We offer a range of tailored solutions that combine cutting-edge design and development services to meet the unique needs of each project. Our packages are carefully crafted to provide affordability without compromising on quality or creativity.

Website Starter Package

Our Website Starter Package is designed to elevate your online presence with a range of essential features. This package offers a premium WordPress Website  Builder with a layout of your choice that is customized to your brand and style. It will include up to 7 professionally developed pages that capture your brand’s essence. Included elements are a contact form, hosting setup and SSL Certificate installation, 2 months hosting, and high-quality stock images.

Get Social Package

This Social Media Package is a comprehensive solution to establish and enhance your business’s social media presence. It includes the professional setup of social media platforms tailored to your brand, along with engaging and custom-designed posts. Our expert team will ensure that your social media profiles are strategically set up to maximize your online visibility and connect with your target audience. We’ll create captivating and visually appealing custom posts that align with your brand’s identity, effectively showcasing your products or services. This package will get you started on your social media journey and cultivate a strong online presence that engages and captivates your audience.

Startup Launch Package

An exclusive package designed specifically for aspiring startup businesses. This premium package encompasses all the essential elements to establish a strong brand presence and accelerate your business growth. It includes logo design, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), a business stationery set, and social media setup.


Website Starter

Everything you need to get your website published.


Once-off payment and delivery in 2-3 weeks

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– Up to 7 pages
– WordPress website
– Website sitemap
– Divi Builder & Divi layout of your choice
– Layout customization
– Website style guide
– Stock images

Get Social

Start connecting with your audience on social media.


Once-off payment and delivery in 1-2 weeks

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– Cover & profile setup on up to to 4 social platforms
– Up to 6 custom posts

Startup Launch

Starting a new business? This package will get you launched!


Deliverables will be completed over a period of 5-8 weeks

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– Brand Identity (Logo, colors & typography)
– Pitch/Sales Deck of up to 10 pages
– Digital Brand Guide
– Custom website design & development of up to 10 pages

Plus Plans

Buy design and development support by the hour.


Buy 10 hrs ($1,200)

Buy 20 hrs ($2,200)

Buy 30 hrs ($3,000)

Buy 40 hrs ($3,600)

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– Graphic and Web Design
– UI/UX Design
– Web Developer
– Content Creator
– Social Media Marketing

If you need a custom solution or want to build a bespoke app, schedule a call with us. Or take a look at our Unlimited Plans!

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